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Calla Lily in Small Stella Vessel
Calla Lily in Small Stella Vessel

Calla Lily in Small Stella Vessel

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Calla lily (Zanteschia hybrids) are also know as Arum Lily and are a tuberous perennial that is clump forming and absolutely stunning in our hydroponics range!

From the Araceae family and native to South Africa the Calla Lily grows everywhere from Tasmania to Queensland. In late Spring in warm climates or Summer in cooler, trumpet shaped flowers will emerge. Usually 3 to 7 flowers per tuber, more depending on its size. Calla Lilies need at least 6 hours of sun a day to flower, more shade results in more foliage but will decrease flowering. 

Our Hydroponic plants are super hardy, low maintenance and really couldn't be easier, making them ideal for anyone! Even those who always seem to have the worst luck keeping plants alive.

With the right care, these plants will live happily in water indefinitely and will continue to thrive for many years to come!

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Glass vessel is 15cm wide x 18cm high.
Overall height with the plant is roughly 40cm tall.

These hardy plants are an ideal one for any area of your home. Loves bright filtered light positions, with some direct sun. The brighter the better. Can also tolerate some lower light areas, but will flower less.

Gently remove the plant and change the water once every 1-2 weeks.
Re-fill your vessel so the water level is just at the base of your plant, and covers the root system. Be sure that the water does not cover the stems of the plant.
The water will start to discolour around this time, which is a good indicator to give it a freshen up! 

It's a good idea to give your vessel a rinse and a quick clean out too.

Once every month add a little liquid indoor plant food to help stimulate new growth and maintain the nutrients your plant requires. 
We highly recommend Indoor Plant Food by The Plant Runner - available here on our website - as it is specially formulated for indoor plants, and will not discolour the water in your vessel!
If using the above plant food, we simply add 5 drops once a month which works a treat. 


While all care has been taken to ensure you receive a healthy and happy plant, the information provided here should be used as a guide only. Every home is different and nobody knows your home as well as you do. Each home environment will vary in sunlight, humidity, temperature and air quality. All of these factors will have an impact on the health and growth of your plant. We recommend doing some research to learn the needs of your plant, and follow those recommendations as best as you can in your home.

Observe your plant, it will soon tell you if it is happy or not!

*Picture and sizes shown are indicative only, and may not exactly represent the final product you receive - although it will be very similar. Any accessories pictured are not included.