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Cookie Jar Terrarium
Cookie Jar Terrarium
Cookie Jar Terrarium

Cookie Jar Terrarium

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Hand made in store, by us, our terrariums feature a stunning variety of baby collectors plants, bring to life the magic, wonder and environment of a miniature rainforest.

Each one unique, featuring carefully hand selected plants, river stones, moss and natural timbers, our Terrariums will give you your own little world to care for and enjoy for years to come.
Each terrarium is made to order using a different mix of plants, moss, stones, and timber, and no two are ever the same. Although similar and equally as stunning, the pictures shown here are indicative only.
Containing anywhere between 3-5 plants per terrarium, depending on size of plants.
Although we cannot always accommodate special requests, feel free to let us know any preferences you might have (if any) in the comments section at checkout!

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Glass terrarium is roughly 18cm wide x 28cm high.

Loves medium and bright filtered light positions, away from direct sun. It is important to keep your terrarium away from all direct sunlight, or warm north or west facing windows in summer - as the terrarium will amplify the suns strength, causing your terrarium to overheat, and plants to die.

Low light areas will not provide sufficient sunlight for happy healthy growth.

Rotate your terrarium regularly, to ensure plants on all sides receive adequate light.


Basic care instructions will be provided with your terrarium, but for more info, refer to this page.

The best thing about terrariums is they need minimal care! Water sparingly, being careful not to over water your terrarium.

OPEN TOP TERRARIUMS will require regular watering and misting. There should be a visible, light layer of water in the bottom rock layer only of your terrarium. Open top terrariums generally will not have condensation on the glass, allowing the vessel to breathe. This style of terrarium will require more attention and care.

CLOSED TOP TERRARIUMS will require infrequent watering or misting. Generally we recommend a light mist with a spray bottle once every month. There should be a visible, light layer of water in the bottom rock layer only of your terrarium.
Closed top terrariums require minimal care, as they create their own mini ecosystem, recycling moisture from the humidity and therefore condensation. 


  • Be sure to remove any dead or fallen foliage.
  • To clean the glass, simply use a soft damp cloth or sponge. Remember, condensation is normal, and an important part of your terrariums life cycle.
  • We do not recommend regular feeding. This will encourage rapid growth, and your plants will very quickly outgrow your terrarium.
    I suggest feeding once per year with a natural indoor plant food at half strength.
  • Regular rotation of your terrarium will ensure all plants receive adequate sunlight.