Peace Lily in 15cm Copper Pot
Peace Lily in 15cm Copper Pot

Peace Lily in 15cm Copper Pot

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Peace Lilies are a fan favourite as far as indoor plants go.
With their striking foliage and stunning flowers, these plants are sure to impress.

Not only will their lush foliage bring life to an empty space, they will also breathe life into your environment. With their powerful air purifying capabilities, these beauties will detox the air and reward with an abundance of oxygen! 

Peace lilies are a perfect beginners plant, making them an ideal gift!

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15cm Copper Rippled Ceramic Pot

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Pot stands at 15cm tall, and is 15cm wide.
Overall height with the plant is roughly 60cm tall.

Loves medium and bright filtered light positions, away from direct sun.
Will also tolerate some lower light, but will likely not flower under these conditions.

Water typically weekly year round. 
The best indicator of when to water is when the leaves slightly start to wilt.

Does not like to be left dry for long periods.

While all care has been taken to ensure you receive a healthy and happy plant, the information provided here should be used as a guide only. Every home is different and nobody knows your home as well as you do. Each home environment will vary in sunlight, humidity, temperature and air quality. All of these factors will have an impact on the health and growth of your plant. We recommend doing some research to learn the needs of your plant, and follow those recommendations as best as you can in your home.

Observe your plant, it will soon tell you if it is happy or not!

*Picture and sizes shown are indicative only, and may not exactly represent the final product you receive. Any accessories pictured are not included.