Snake Plant in Blush Terrazzo Planter

Snake Plant in Blush Terrazzo Planter

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Commonly known as Mother in Law's Tongue or Snake Plants, these beauties really are the epitome of hardy! Extremely low maintenance and thrives on neglect, you really can't go wrong with these unique beauties - unless you over water them!

Sansevieria also help improve air quality by removing toxins and replacing with loads of fresh oxygen! While most plants (and animals) will primarily release carbon dioxide through the night, Sansevieria will continue producing oxygen - making them ideal for the bedroom!

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Pot stands at 20cm tall, and is 18cm wide.
Overall height with the plant is roughly 50cm tall.

Thrives in low, medium and bright filtered light positions. Keep out of direct sun. Most indoor home environments suit.


Only water when the soil has fully dried. Generally every 2-4 weeks through the warmer months, then cut back to around every 4-6 weeks through the cooler months.

Do not allow plant to sit in pooled water, and be mindful not to over water.

Feed your plant monthly through spring and summer to encourage new growth.

While all care has been taken to ensure you receive a healthy and happy plant, the information provided here should be used as a guide only. Every home is different and nobody knows your home as well as you do. Each home environment will vary in sunlight, humidity, temperature and air quality. All of these factors will have an impact on the health and growth of your plant. We recommend doing some research to learn the needs of your plant, and follow those recommendations as best as you can in your home.

Observe your plant, it will soon tell you if it is happy or not!

*Picture and sizes shown are indicative only, and may not exactly represent the final product you receive. Any accessories pictured are not included.