Large Holly Fern Kokedama

Large Holly Fern Kokedama

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Holly Ferns are a unique and incredibly attractive plant that some would consider not to even be a fern! This is due to their hardy nature and tolerance to temperature changes and darker positions.

These stunning plants will grow dense and lush and brighten up even the dullest corners of your home!

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Kokedama is roughly the size of a rockmelon.
Comes complete with a coaster, full care instructions and a gift box!

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Ideally suited to low, medium and bright filtered light positions. Keep out of direct sun and away from heat sources such as heating outlets and windows that receive hot afternoon sun.


Water regularly. Typically weekly through the warmer months, and slightly less in winter. 

Ferns like higher humidity than other indoor plants. We highly recommend lightly misting your fern daily with a spray bottle of room temperature water.


Fully submerge your kokedama in a bowl, sink or bucket. You may need to hold it under for a moment! Allow to soak for 10-15 minutes until kokedama feels heavy and full. 

It is important to gently squeeze out excess water from the kokedama by pressing between two hands, on the sides towards the base. This will ensure your kokedama does not stay waterlogged which will prevent conditions such as root rot, fungus gnats and mould. As the moss and twine are natural products they are biodegradable and as such, squeezing out the excess water will prevent deterioration, prolonging the life of your kokedama.


While all care has been taken to ensure you receive a healthy and happy plant, the information provided here should be used as a guide only. Every home is different and nobody knows your home as well as you do. Each home environment will vary in sunlight, humidity, temperature and air quality. All of these factors will have an impact on the health and growth of your plant. We recommend doing some research to learn the needs of your plant, and follow those recommendations as best as you can in your home.
Observe your plant, it will soon tell you if it is happy or not!

*Size guide and pictures shown are indicative only, and may not exactly represent the final product you receive. Any accessories pictured are not included.