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Plant Runner Neem Oil Spray

Neem Oil Spray - Leaf Shine

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Neem Oil Spray is the perfect, natural leaf shine aiding in helping to clean + remove dust and dirt from your plants foliage, clearing up its pores, ensuring it can soak up all of the nutrients from the sun!

Created using 100% certified organic neem seed that has been hand blended with a vegetable based wetting agent - containing organic sulphur, proteins and various beneficial trace elements and can be used safely around pets and children.

In addition to a leaf shine, Neem has been found to help keep plant pests at bay! Winner!

Made in Melbourne Australia

Directions for use: 

Spray directly onto foliage, wipe with a soft cloth - I use a clean microfibre cloth.

Do not apply if or when direct sunlight is on foliage.

Application can be repeated as needed, and as often as you like.

Keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Only use as directed not for human consumption.

Product Information:
250ml bottle with trigger spray. 
Shake well before use.
Not for human consumption.