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Small Venice Pot
Small Venice Pot
Small Venice Pot

Small Venice Pot

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Our new STUNNING range of pots are designed and hand painted by the super talented Maria from Toast & Honey Studio, base in Spotswood Melbourne! Each unique pot is made to order, by hand with a lot of care and love.
Each unique design is like nothing else on the market, and really is a statement piece, making any plant POP!

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Each Toast & Honey pot is made with a lightweight, waterproof fiberglass material and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They all come with a drainage hole, which is ideal if you’re planting directly into the pot - and comes complete with a matching drip tray.

All colours are suitable for outdoor use, but please note that when exposed to outdoor conditions, metallic paints may, over time, become slightly duller and due to the small amount of copper present in the pigment, may also exhibit some green oxidization.

These pots are not a mass produced product. Therefore, due to the artisanal nature of these hand crafted pots, each one is unique, and may naturally have variances such as visible brushstrokes, divots and very slight colour differences. So much care is taken to provide a top quality item, and we feel this adds to the authenticity and charm of a hand made product.

We hope you’ll love them as much as we do!

Plants not included in prices.


Small Toast & Honey Pots are 340mm D x 290mm H
Drip Tray stands at 40mm H


Blush Pot
Black Black


Like some of our Pot and Plant combos featured in our images? No worries! 
We recommend purchasing the pot you like, as stock is very limited. Then shoot us a message via the 'contact us' section and we can pass on more info!

We have a range of large plant options to suit these size pots. We are more than happy to pot these up with a suitable premium soil mix, directly into the pot and deliver on your nominated delivery day!