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Ultimate Soil Conditioner - Pure Worm Castings
Ultimate Soil Conditioner - Pure Worm Castings
Ultimate Soil Conditioner - Pure Worm Castings

Ultimate Soil Conditioner - Pure Worm Castings

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Nature's ultimate soil conditioner!

Made right here on the Surf Coast by the knowledgeable team at Soil Revolution! 

Soil Revolution worm castings (vermicast) is an all-natural soil conditioner and plant food. Vermicast is nutrient-rich, contains a diverse population of beneficial microbes and provides a wide range of short and long term benefits to soil and plant health. Vermicast encourages vigorous root growth, increases nutrient absorption, boosts plant immunity and improves soil structure and porosity. Our vermicast is suitable for all soil and plant types and also makes an excellent seed growth medium.

Made in Australia

1kg, compostable bag
Control tested.
Safe for all plants.
Odour free.
Unlike synthetic fertilizers and feeds, you cannot use too much!
Not for human consumption.
Pet friendly. 


Soil Revolution knows the smallest things can make the biggest difference. That's why we have dedicated our small business to improving soil health by harnessing the power of natures hardest working critter: worms.

Australian's love their gardens and plants. Last year we spent more than $2.6 billion on plants alone, but we often forget about the most important factor for happy and healthy plants is happy and healthy soil.

Worm castings are nature's most effective and environmentally sustainable soil conditioner. Made on the Victorian Surf Coast from 100% locally-sourced organic waste, Soil Revolution's soil conditioner is nutrient-rich and microbially active that will bring out the best in your plants.


    • Mix directly into your soil when repotting, or sprinkle on top of the soil.
    • Provides beneficial nutrients when watering.


    100% worm poo!